How to install Microsoft Windows Calculator on Linux – BetaNews

How to install Microsoft Windows Calculator on Linux – BetaNews

Microsoft is no longer an enemy of the Linux or Open Source communities. Believe it or not, the Windows-maker is an ally these days. Shocking, I know, but totally true. Linux is now built into Windows thanks to WSL, and Microsoft has several apps available for Linux.

The company has even made some of its apps open source as well. For instance, back in 2019, Microsoft released the source for Windows Calculator on GitHub. And now, that calculator app has been ported to Linux by Uno Platform. Best of all, its insanely easy to install as it is packaged in Snap format.

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“The good folks in the Uno Platform community have ported the open-source Windows Calculator to Linux. And they’ve done it quicker than Microsoft could bring their browser to Linux. The calculator is published in the snapstore and can be downloaded right away,” explains Rhys Davies, Product Manager, Canonical.

Davies further explains, “The Uno Platform brought their support to Linux during UnoConf 2020. Uno Plaform allows you to build native mobile, desktop,