Microsoft launches 2021 Council for Digital Good – Microsoft On the Issues – Microsoft

Microsoft launches 2021 Council for Digital Good – Microsoft On the Issues – Microsoft

Starting today, Microsoft is inviting applications for its newest Council for Digital Good, an 18-month engagement program for U.S. teens focused on understanding, recognizing and reducing digital risks and promoting safer, healthier and more respectful online interactions.

The council experience offers teens and Microsoft a way to discuss online safety topics of interest and concern, while providing council members with a platform to share their views on 21st-century issues affecting them. The program is designed so that both the youth and the company hear, understand and learn from each other as we all seek to create a safer, kinder and more empathetic digital world.

This latest program builds on learnings from our pilot cohort launched in 2017. Following a two-day summit at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington, the 2017 pilot culminated a year later at a public event in Washington, D.C., where council members showcased their individual and cohort-wide projects, and were treated to a private meeting with the first lady.

We have more exciting projects and engagements planned for our next council, so we encourage youth who are motivated to make a difference in our online world to apply.

“Serving on the inaugural Council for Digital Good opened my eyes to a lot of different topics related to digital good and safety,” said Katherine Choi, an inaugural council member from California. “(It) opened many doors for me to explore different kinds of career and research paths.” Katherine, now a college sophomore, is studying computer science and