6 hidden Windows 10 tools you should be using – Komando

6 hidden Windows 10 tools you should be using – Komando

Microsoft PowerToys sounds like it should be a new videogame franchise or children’s interactive device. No, Microsoft hasn’t shifted its focus towards kids, but it has given some adults new things to play with inside Windows.

Tinkering with code in the Windows operating system is usually left to the professionals, but Microsoft PowerToys makes it possible for everyone. It’s a set of freeware system utilities designed to add Windows functionality beyond what is ordinarily available. Tap or click here for the Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts you need to know.

By using PowerToys, there is no fear of executing unauthorized code on your Windows computer. Microsoft itself developed all the tools provided. Let’s take a look at what you can do with this cool toy.

How to use Microsoft PowerToys

To explain how PowerToys work, it must be understood that they are shell extensions. They are bits of code that extend the abilities of the Windows operating system. They are not traditional download and install applications.

With that in mind, the Microsoft PowerToys available have all been developed to enhance the operations of Windows. Here are six utilities that we think are amazing.