We think that Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office – including it’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote offerings – is great. But the fact is that more people use Office than any other suite of tools. Hence many a Mac user will be looking for the latest information about the next version of Microsoft Office for Mac.

Microsoft, like so many other companies, offers a subscription edition of Office – namely Office 365. This version is regularly updated with new features. But not everyone wants to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis to software. If you don’t need the latest features and functions an old version of Microsoft Word may be good enough. If you happen to work in an area where regular updates might actually cause problems and break essential workflows, Office 365 might be unsuitable. Similarly professional users who don’t want to move to the cloud will find Office LTSC attractive.

Microsoft seems to recognise this, because even when it released Office 2019 it said that it wouldn’t be the last time it would release a perpetual licensed version of Office. The company clarified this again in a blog post back in September 2020 when it revealed its plans to release new perpetual licence version of Office – Office 2021.

In February 2021 Microsoft confirmed these plans again. Announcing two new versions of Office.

First up is Office 2021. This version is for home users and small businesses. The second